What is HulaTunes?

HulaTunes is an online music store featuring and specializing in Hawai‘i’s music. HulaTunes contains a variety of genres featuring Hawai‘i’s artists as well as offering an extensive back catalog of selections that are either hard to come by or are no longer available.
Most importantly, HulaTunes will continue to expand our catalog with more existing, previous and new releases.

Why HulaTunes?

Based in Hawai‘i and spearheaded by Hawai‘i musicians, HulaTunes sells and promotes Hawai‘i’s music!
For artists, HulaTunes offers sections for their website url, bio and image-allowing them more ‘real estate’ to showcase themselves and their music.
HulaTunes is also non-exclusive, and we encourage artists to offer their selections on other online retailers.

Sell my music too?

Interested in offering your music on HulaTunes too? Simple. Please contact us!