Na Mele Henoheno

  1. 01 01 Hawaiian Cowboy Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  2. 02 02 Kaula 'ili Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  3. 03 03 Hale'iwa Paka Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  4. 04 04 Kilakila O 'Eke Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  5. 05 05 Aloha Ku'u Home I Kahakuloa Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  6. 06 06 Poli Anuanu Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  7. 07 07 Ho'okipa Paka Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  8. 08 08 Waiomina Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  9. 09 09 'Ekolu Mea Nui Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  10. 10 10 Hawaiian Rough Riders Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  11. 11 11 Pa'ahana Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  12. 12 12 Ua Noho Wau a Kupa Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  13. 13 13 Hawaiian Rainbow Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  14. 14 14 'Ulili E Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  15. 15 15 Punalu'u Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  16. 16 16 Aloha 'Ia No O Maui Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
  17. 17 17 Hasegawa General Store Ho`opi`i Brothers $1.29
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Solomon and Richard Ho‘opi‘i were born in the small village of Kahakuloa in West Maui – Sol in 1935, and Richard in 1941.  They started performing age a young age in churches and at school; they were self on the ‘ukulele and learned to sing from recordings of Hawaiian music.  In 1968 they formed a group known as the Ho‘opi‘i Brothers and they came to the attention of record distributor Walter Kurokawa, who urged his colleague and record producer Bill Murata to hear them out.

Murata and Kurokawa travelled to Maui beginning the Ho‘opi‘i Brothers’ recording career that yielded a record a year for four consecutive years.  Beginning in 1975 with No Ka ‘Oi (the best), followed by Ho‘i Hou (back again), Aloha Pumehana (with fondest aloha), and Kauna (four).  Their music – in leo ki‘eki‘e or falsetto – was often described as angelic and often featured yodeling.  In 1990 their fifth album Our Gift of Song was released, and in 1996 Nā Mele Henoheno compiled 17 songs from the five albums in an anthology.

Also in 1996 the Mountain Apple Company released Ho‘omau.  For this album the Hawai‘i Academy of Recording Arts honored the Ho‘opi‘i Brothers with the Group of the Year Award at the 1997 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards.  In 1996 the National Endowment for the Arts awarded the duo a National Heritage Fellow Award for their contributions toward perpetuating an important cultural art form, in this case ka leo ki‘eki‘e.  The Mountain Apple Company followed with Aloha From Maui in 1999.

Sol Ho‘opi‘i passed away on March 1, 2006 he was 70 years old.  Richard continues to perform in Hawai‘i and on the Mainland.  He released a solo album Ululani, which featured two duos with his wife Ululani.  In 2015 The Timeless Voice DVD and CD combo was released.


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